Dr.T.Ravi Kumar

Dr.T.Ravi Kumar

M.D. DCH (Pead.)



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Out Patient Services

RICH Hospitals has a highly effecient and Comphrensive outpatient services under one root to provide an infrastructure that can touch and enrich the many young lives who come to us .the hospital is equipped with 5 consultations suites which function from 10 am to 9pm that cater to patients who are either referred to the chidren's hos[ital or patients who walk in for non-emergrncy consultations and 24hrs .Consultatiion is available in emergency cases.

The Clinics have expert general pediatric consultants.specific slots for speciality pediatric consultants who cover the following specialities

Super Speciality Clinics

Pediatric Nephralogy

Pediatric Gastroentrology

Pediatric Neuralogy

Pediatric Pulmonology

Pediatric Cardiology

Sub Speciality Clinics

Pediatric E.N.T

Pediatric Opthalmology

Pediatric Psycholgy & Child Guidance care

Pediatric Dermatology

To a changed situation in a changing world homely atmosphere is all together a necessity for those who get admitted into various hospitals for treatment. This concept has been assimilated by many hospitals and providing to the best of their ability a replica of homely atmosphere into the hospitals as environment has a better impact for speedy recovery despite sophisticated medication. To meet this challenge this hospital is no lesser than any in providing tailor made sections to suit to all works of life with well ventilated, hygienic

Emergency ward

General ward

Special rooms

Semi Deluxe rooms.

Deluxe rooms

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