Dr.T.Ravi Kumar

Dr.T.Ravi Kumar

M.D. DCH (Pead.)



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MILE STONE -The Neuro Development Center

Neuro Development Theraphy is a problem solving neuro development approach for the the assesment and treatment of children with cerebral palsy and other allied neurological conditions.The treatment is approached based on one to one treatment following individuals assesment and analysis of children functional skills.

Specialized handling technique used which infleunceabnormal Postural tone assist and guide the child to move in more normal levels.Treatment is goal directed with goal set in colloboration with families and children

The Child Would recieve theraphy with Boboth Technique


Empanelled with NTR VYdhya Seva (Arogyasree) to treat white card holder patients with free of cost.

Empanelled with Employees Health Scheme (EHS)

Credit bill facility available for APSPDCL (electricity ),BSNL and Police dept.(Aarogya Bhadratha) employees

Cashless hospitalization is provided for Health card holders (TPA) like Vidal Health TPA,Mediassist,Medisave,medcare,GHPL, FHPL ICICI Lombard, Star Health & Allied Insurance Etc.

DR.Giftson Samuel BPT,MPT (Neurology) MBA

DR.k.suman Babu BPT

The SOUND-Hearwell Audiology & Speech Center

The Audiologists identify diagnose and treat children having disorders associated with ear and hearing Audiologist Utilize technical equipments like Audiometry Test ,BERA Test ,the Oto Acustic Emissions test (OAE) impidence audiometry tests to asses a cildren hearing impairment and plan a course of treatment

Speech and language Pathologistics asses and treat patients who have language ,voice voice and fluency disorders

This department in addition evaluate and treat general speech problems ,language & swalloing disorders like stuttering ,childhood approxia sppech,vocal cord dysfunction,habit cough ,autism and spectrum disorders

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