Dr.T.Ravi Kumar

Dr.T.Ravi Kumar

M.D. DCH (Pead.)



Excellent care given to the patient during the whole tr...

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(NICU)

The birth of a baby is a wonderful yet very Complex.Many Physical and Emotional changes occur for mother and baby

Yours baby's body systems must work together in a new way.sometime ,a baby has difficulty making the transitions to the world.Being born prematurely,having a difficult delivery ,of birth defects can make these changes more challenging.Fortunately for these babies ,special new born care unit is available

A baby must make many physical adjustments to life outside the mother's body.Leaving the uteurus means that a baby can no longer dependon mother's circulation and placenta for important physiologic functions .Before birth,breathing,eating,elimination of waste,and immunologic protection all came from the mother.when a baby enters the world,many bo;dy systems change dramatically from the way they functioned during fetal life.

The lungs must breathe air.

The cardiac and pulmunary circulation changes

The digestive system must begin to process food and excrete waste.

The kidneys must beging working to balance fluids and chemicals in the body and excrete waste.

The liver and immunologic systems must begin functioning independently

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