Dr.T.Ravi Kumar

Dr.T.Ravi Kumar

M.D. DCH (Pead.)



Excellent care given to the patient during the whole tr...

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

Our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is staffed 24*7 by specially trained pediatric critical care physicians and nurses who provides care and management of critically ill patients ranging in age from intancy to young adulthood.The PICU AT OUR RICH Hospitals is one of Andhrapradesh's largest and serves patients round the clock.

With more than 14 superspecialities available, including pediatric Cardiology,Gastreonterology,Neurology, Pulmonology , Hematology,Oncology and Nephthology our hospital provides all of the pediatric services.you need to recieved high quality medical attention for your child.


Level 1 Pediatric Intensive Unit

Patient Care Ratio 1:1

Staffed by Critical care certified Professionals with Specially training and advanced fellowships in pediatric critical care medicine.

Parents are encoureged to remain with their child.


Our RICH Multi speciality children Hospital is Committed to Keeping up with cutting edge technology to improved patient care,from our pediatric vein viewer to computer Physician order Entry (CPOE) system computer assisted IV and Syringe pumps that block dosage errors, an dour leading three ID System for patient Identification ,we are always seeking to improve effeciency and health and mediciation safetly.therein reducing medicia errors

Intermediary Medical Care UnitThe unit provides bedside investigations next to the bed going hand in had with treatment. This 20 bed unit is equipped with all vital sign monitors and bedside Blood Cell Counts Analyzers, EEG & Neurosonogram. This unit is meant for Sick Children who need bedside investigations and treatment when shifted from causality after resuscitation while others put on ventilator support get shifted to ICU.

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